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Tulip Needles

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Tulip NeedlesWhilst these needles may be more expensive than our John James needles we think the serious beader will be very impressed with the Tulip quality and durability, don't get us wrong, the John James needles are excellent but these Tulip Needles are the icing on the cake!

Lynn says 'you can really feel the difference, the needles are more durable, do not tend to bend out of shape so much and just a joy to use'.

The reason the size 13s are more expensive is that they are hand made and they are also made to be very strong and flexible despite their thinness. The size 12 also has an element of hand-making in their process which again is reflected in the higher cost.

PLEASE NOTE: The sizes of these needles are "slightly" thicker than the UK beading needles of the same size. 

10 Short - 0.46mm thick, 37mm long.
10 Long - 0.46mm thick, 51mm long.
11 Short  - 0.41mm thick, 37mm long.
11 Long - 0.41mm thick, 48.5mm long.
12 Long - 0.35mm thick, 47.5mm long.
13 Short - 0.30mm thick, 35mm long