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Sweet Garden - Instruction Pack

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Sweet Garden - Instruction PackDesigned by Nancy Cain. 

Nancy used the Garden Sweet Pea as her model for this necklace. They are 20-30% sweeter than other peas. These plump, juicy peas taste like little pearls of sugar. They also make great art with sculptural peyote. Suspend three pods and crystals from an intricate central component of tubular peyote. Make the central ring with a new, easy circular peyote method that is fast, tight and three-dimensional. Find another pea pod at the back of the necklace for the clasp.

Technique - Peyote and Netting
Level - Intermediate-Advanced
Pattern with full diagrams and written instructions

Shopping List:
Match A, B, and C colour across the bead sizes.
A is the second dominant colour.
B is the predominant colour of the necklace: the colour of the peapods and the main colour of the rope.
C is the small accent colour.
15° seed beads
3 g (15A) centre links, peapod and rope accents
4.5 g (15B) matches peapod cylinder bead centre links and rope
1 g (15C) Loops for crystal fringe and whipstitch accent beads on centre links
11° seed beads 
8 g (11A) rope
9 g (11B) centre ring and rope- don’t use a matte bead (frosted ok) and odd shaped or square-ish beads for this colour.
8 g (11C) rope
Delica beads (size 11)
12 g DB-B matches B colour
47 - 3mm Swarovski bicones
2 - 3mm Swarovski round crystal pearls
10 - 4mm Swarovski round crystal pearls
11 - 6mm Swarovski round crystal pearls
2 - 6mm Swarovski round crystal pearls or round crystals - alternate colour option: put two peas in a different colour in the largest peapod for ‘two peas in a pod’ statement.
1 colour - One G 
5 yards - 6lb Fireline