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Celebration Bangles - Instruction Pack

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Celebration Bangles - Instruction Pack

Designed by Chloe Menage 


These blingy, easy to wear bangles have a wonderfully solid finish and are addictive to make - using just a few materials from your stash.
The bangles have a natural stretch thanks to their construction and the use of a Right Angle Weave variation.
If you’re not a fan of bangles, then fear not, as this pattern includes an easy adaptation for a bracelet with a clasp.


 Level -  Intermediate

Technique - Right Angle Weave 
8-page pattern with full-colour step by step diagrams and written instructions

Shopping list:
Approx. 2g x size 11 Toho Permafinish seed beads – Colour A (base colour)
Approx. 5g x size 11 Toho Permafinish seed beads – Colour B (top colour)
Approx. 1g x size 8 Toho seed beads
25-40 x 4mm Swarovski Xilion beads (amount dependant on the desired size)
25-40 x 8mm round glass beads or pearls (amount dependant on the desired size - each bead adds approx. 9mm to the bracelet internal circumference)
Approx. 30cm x 0.7mm Stretch Magic or equivalent strong elastic
1 x 2.5mm or 3mm crimp bead/tube
For Bracelet:
Approx. 30cm x nylon coated beading wire (eg Beadalon)
2 x crimp beads
2 x necklace ends/calottes
Clasp of choice
0.25 or 0.3mm clear monofilament thread (eg Supplemax)
Chain nose pliers
Size 12 needle or fine awl

If you are opting for metallic colours, then Permafinish beads are a must as the beads get handled a lot while you are making it, and those sat next to your skin will also get a lot of wear.