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Beading Workshop Top Ten Tips

How to Get the Most Out of Workshop Days

by Sabrina Rawlins

Sabrina loves beads and has produced some of her own designs for the Stitchncraft Bead workshop programme and as well as her normal job, ensuring the smooth day to day running of the Studio, she can also be found teaching bead needleweaving and helping customers with their project instructions when necessary. 

Workshops are a great way to meet like minded people and try something new that you might not attempt at home and here Sabrina shares with us her 10 Top Tips for getting the most out of attending a beading workshop.

1. Ensure you have extra beading needles you may break or bend some depending on the project you are doing. Tulip needles are brilliant for workshops as these don't tend to bend like a normal beading needle.

2. Read through the requirements list carefully you don't want to miss taking something to the workshop you need. Remember to note any items you may need to be sourced elsewhere.

3. Don't be scared to experiment with colours. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone has led me to making some of my favourite pieces. Blue tends to be my safe zone.

4. Take some extra bead colour options with you just in case you change your mind when you start the project. We all get colour envy when we see what colours other people are using. However, there is always an option to get other colours on the day!

5. Keep a pen handy and be prepared to make notes on your pattern. This is helpful when you come back to the pattern at a later date.

6. Do not be worried if some students in the same class are  working through the pattern quicker than you. We all learn and bead at different speeds. Beadwork is best done at a comfortable speed to ensure you make the best possible piece.

7. Feel free to ask the tutor as many questions about the projects as you need. Tutors enjoy being asked questions about the project and giving advice, they are here to help you and  what they are there for.

8. Ask the tutor if you can take close up photos of the finished piece. Many a time I have found that the pictures in the pattern are great but I would like a close up picture of a certain point. This will help when beading at home but please do remember that these photos are for your own use.

9. If you are struggling in the workshop for any reason get up and have a break make a cup of tea or step outside for some fresh air, it can help rather that sitting getting cross with yourself because you have a "sticky" patch.

10. When coming to the end of the day ensure you have read ahead in your pattern on any areas that have yet to be covered. Ask the tutor any questions or hints and tips on these steps so you can achieve a completed piece at home.

Enjoy your workshop.

Below is a selection of pieces that Sabrina has made whilst attending workshops at the Studio.