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Beading Patterns Top Ten Tips

Getting the Most from your Beading Pattern

by Kelly Pitt-Kerby

Kelly is involved in the day to day running of the Studio and is often found assisting customers with their bead colour choices and offering advice on what patterns and workshops are suitable for a particular individual. 

Here Kelly shares with us her 10 Top Tips for starting a new beading pattern.

1. Read and re-read the pattern requirements to ensure you have the correct amount and correct sizes of beads.

2. Read the instructions all the way through at least once before starting.

3. When choosing your colours start with one main colour, either a colour that you love or perhaps one to match an outfit then choose colours that tone with it. A colour wheel is a good ideal to use if you have trouble deciding what colours go together.

4. Before you start beading lay out your beads on your bead board. For instance, if a pattern is calling them A, B, C, lay them out in that order and perhaps make up some little labels so you know which is which if you leave your beadwork and come back to it later. Another good idea is to use the letter beads you find in scrapbooking and craft shops as your markers.

5. Always start with a long enough piece of thread. The instructions will tell you how much is preferred so do follow that advice! 

6. Following on from number 5, if the instructions tell you to leave a certain length of tail thread do remember to do so. This usually means you will be using it later on in the pattern so could be very annoying if you have to join in a new thread just for a few beads to finish off the design. 

7. Your beads will look a bit darker in the tube so it is a good idea to pour a few out of the tube onto a Bead Board and place your colours together. Sometimes you just can't tell until you start beading. However, we find this a very good excuse to go bead shopping again!! 

8. Take regular bead breaks! Have a walk, have a stretch, rest the eyes and drink plenty of fluids. We know how easy it is to get carried away and find you haven't moved for hours!!

9. Don't get put off if you make a mistake. We all do! That is where a Tulip Awl comes in very handy for undoing those pesky knots or popping that extra bead that you didn't mean to add!! 

10. Above all though, enjoy your beading! There is a wonderful beading community out there, with plenty of lovely people who will help and guide you through your beady journey and we are always on hand in the Studio to offer advice and help with colour choices when needed!!

Happy Beading

Below is a picture of Kelly's favourite beading project. It's the Bollywood Bangles pattern by Joan Fisher and you can find it together with our Delica Palette Packs to make your very own bangles here