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Amore̒ Necklace - Instruction Pack

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Amore̒ Necklace - Instruction Pack
Designed by Nancy Cain.

Amore̒ Necklace is a companion piece of the Guild Bracelet & Ring. Taking an element of one design and expanding on it to create a new piece is an exciting way to explore your beading. The open link components create a delicate look while the external crystals add subtle sparkle! The rope has added sparkle by adding one split round every fifth two-drop stitch causing it to rotate a quarter turn. 

Level -  Advanced 
Technique - Proficiency in tubular peyote
Pattern with full diagrams and written instructions

Shopping List
One colour of the following beads
These will be the centre band of the colour of the links and accent through the strap. 
6g 15/0 colour #1 seed bead (avoid silver lined beads)
2g 11/0 colour #1 seed beads (avoid a silver lined bead and use a very round 11/0 seed bead)
3g Delica size 11 colour #1 bead

The second colour of beads: 
These beads will be the edge rims of the links and coordinate or match the crystals, plus the dominant colour of the strap. 
4g 15/0 colour #2 bead (avoid silver lined beads)
9g Delica size 11 colour #2 bead

60 - 3mm Swarovski bicone crystals 
6 - 6mm Swarovski bicone crystals
20 - 4mm Swarovski crystal pearls 

'S' or 'J' style or other approx. 1" clasp - gold or silver

Thread and other materials
One G thread - 1  or 2 colour's to match bead colour's 1 and 2 
6lb Fireline - smoke or crystal colour to work with crystals 
Beeswax or microcrystalline wax
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